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Hardy Spicer are committed to providing customers with continued growth and updates on our already extensive range of products and services. Listed below are the categories with some additions to our driveline range.

4WD    Agricultural    Automotive    Performance
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Toyota Land Cruiser Spindle
Hardy Spicer is now stocking spindles to suit a variety of Toyota Land Cruisers. For further details on the 43401-60080 spimdle, follow the above link.

Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 Components
A range of driveshaft components is available allowing the repair of the 4WD Ford Ranger PJ/PK and Mazda BT-50 two piece driveshafts. Splines, Bearings and Midship Assemblies along with all the parts required to build a new shaft are now available.

Toyota Land Cruiser 3" Weld Yokes
Hardy Spicer is now making it easier to upgrade your Toyota Land Cruiser driveshaft with a heavy duty version to handle tough conditions on and off the road.

Double Cardan Joints
A listing of complete assemblies and spare parts to suit
F Series trucks, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Landrover
and Ssangyong Musso 4WDs.

Nissan Patrol
Spare parts including replacement splines, universal joints,
CV joints and CV axle shafts to suit Nissan GQ & GU.

Toyota Heavy Duty Parts
Quality heavy duty universal joints and driveshaft parts
to suit Toyota 4WDs.

Toyota CV Joints
A selection of greasable CV Joints to suit Toyota Landcruiser.
CV axle shafts to 75, 78, 79 and 105 series Landcruiser.

Mitsubishi Slip Yokes
Releasing the new Mitsubishi slip yokes to suit the Spicer stubs.

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Agmaster Tractor Linkage System
New to Hardy Spicer is the Agmaster range of tractor linkage system parts such as R Clips, Linch Pins & Hitch Pins. Complete merchandiser displays are also available on request.

Comer "V' Series PTO Shaft
Shafts and components in the stronger "V" series PTO shaft

Splined Bar & Nib Assemblies
Splined bar and nibs suitable for mower deck shafts and light duty PTO shafts are now available in 20mm, 25mm and 28mm diameter spline.


Ford BA - FG Shaft Components
New additions to our product range for Ford Falcons BA through to FG including Slip Yokes, CV Joints and Midship CV Stubs.

New Ford FG Centre Bearings
Ford FG Centre Bearings now in stock, click the link above to view part numbers and details. Both 30mm and 35mm with either the 11mm or 25mm offset centre height.

Ford Territory Centre Bearing
Centre Bearing Assemblies to suit Ford Territory from 2004 onwards are now available as part of our standard range of centre bearings.

Automotive Centre Bearings
At Hardy Spicer we are continually expanding our range of centre bearing assemblies, we now have available more bearings for 4WD, Automotive and Earthmoving applications.

Mercedes Vito Semi Finished 3 Piece Shaft
At Hardy Spicer we are continually expanding our range of driveline to cater for all customer needs, we now have a semi finished three piece shaft available to suit Mercedes Vito and Viano models, follow the above link to see the models and applications it will suit.

Ford Ranger / Mazda BT-50 Flange
A 1330 series flange to suit the new series Ford Rangers and Mazda BT-50 is now in stock.

New and Updated Universal Joints
As new makes and models enter the market place, Hardy Spicer continues to source new universal joints to add to an increasing variety already available throughout a nationwide network of branch locations.

Ford BF / FG CV Parts
Replacement CV and midship parts for the BF & FG Ford Falcon are now available through Hardy Spicer.

Automotive Slip Yokes
A range of new transmission yokes and some old parts
re-introduced to our popular 21R series.

1350 Series Transmission Yokes
1350 series transmission yokes to suit various transmissions including C4, C6 FMX, Turbo 400, Powerglide, Supra Turbo and Nissan Turbo.

Automotive Flange Yokes
New flange yokes in 17R and 21R series to suit a wide range of Japanese staked assemblies, including some semi finished flanges.

Holden Commodore Parts and Rubber Drive Couplings
The reasons behind a two piece shaft in a Commodore.
Rubber couplings and components to suit late model Holden Commodores, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and Landrover.

U Bolt Kits
U Bolts in 17R, 2R and 25R to suit Holden range of differentials.

Ford Falcon BA Components

BA Falcon centre bearings and a complete list of the necessary parts to suit the Ford Falcon BA driveshafts.

Toyota Tarago Auxiliary Shaft Coupling
Three couplings to suit the auxiliary shaft on the Toyota Tarago.

Propeller Shaft CV Joints
Hardy Spicer stock Automotive CV joints to suit Holden Crewman and Ford Territory & Explorer.

Volvo Automotive CV Joints
CV Joints, Boot Kits and Cover Plates for late model Volvo passenger cars.

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Street / Strip Performance Parts
A range of "Strange Engineering Inc" performance parts and 9" diff yokes.

Performance Parts
A range of chrome moly performance parts to suit GM and Ford.

Twinshaft Performance Parts
Heavy duty midship components to suit twinshafts.

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Upgraded 9C Mechanics Parts
Hardy Spicer has introduced upgraded 9C driveline parts to help give more life hours to your drivetrain. Stronger splines and a new 9C end yoke giving you more versatility.

Engine and Cooling Fans for Mining Machinery
Hardy Spicer has extended the stock range to include service, sales and repairs to cooling fans for various machinery in the mining industry including Caterpillar and Komatsu.

Mining Driveshafts Ready To Go
Hardy Spicer stocks an extensive range of shafts for the mining industry on the shelf ready to go. Now including the latest Caterpillar 797 off road dump truck.

Caterpillar Universal Joints and Shafts
All universals joints in stock and a selection of driveshafts to suit Caterpillar and Komatsu.

Replacement Caterpillar Driveshaft Splines
Quality heavy duty replacement splines to suit J800 and 15C series driveshafts.

Eurostyle Mechanics C Splines
New European design splines to suit the 4C, 5C and 6C range of mechanics style shafts.

12 Point Bolts
A selection of 12 point bolts to suit a variety of Caterpillar u/joints including 9C, 9-5C, 10C and 15C.

PJB Steering Knuckles
PJB Mine Cruiser Steering Knuckles in three hardness versions for extended life hours.

SMV Drift Runner Shafts
Axle shafts to suit the SMV Drift Runner mining vehicles, two types available to suit the SMV178 and SMV211 models.

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Forkflift Driveshafts
Hardy Spicer supply driveshafts to suit a multitude of forklift applications including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Yale.


Industrial Balancing
Hardy Spicer is capable of repairing and balancing a variety of industrial driveshafts and fans.

Pilot Bore Companion Flanges
To suit SAE and DIN spec flange connections, pilot bored ready to be machined to the correct shaft size required.

1000 Series Single Joint Assemblies
Forged steel yokes bored and keyed, ready to connect two shafts together quick and easily.

Rubber Progressive Springs
Hardy Spicer stock an extensive range of rubber springs for sole suspension and suspension spring assistance.

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Aquadrive - Marine Driveline System
Hardy Spicer is the Australian distributor for the Aquadrive range of products including Complete CV Shafts, CV Joints, Thrust Bearings, Engine Mounts and Adaptors to suit marine applications. Follow the link above for more information or contact your local branch for assistance..

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European Complete Replacement Driveshafts
Hardy Spicer can manufacture and supply a large range of complete European driveshafts fitted with high torque KV style flanges.

SPL170 & SPL250 U/Joints
Heavy Duty SPL170 and SPL250 series universal joints are now available.

Power Train Saver
A patented drivetrain protection device which mounts on your existing driveshaft to help prevent drivetrain damage and costly downtime.

Hardy Spicer End Yokes
An extensive range of end yokes and companion flanges to suit a wide variety of transmissions and diffs. (includes application list)

1710 Inter-axle Shafts
Quick and easy 1710  series shafts straight off the shelf.

1000 Series Steering Shafts
A range of components to make or repair the 1000 series truck steering shafts.

Isuzu Cross Over Flanges

Isuzu face conversion flanges to 1410 and 1480 Spicer series.
Also a new Midship Assembly for use with repairs or new build Isuzu centre bearing shafts.

Mercedes Actros and Sprinter
Component parts to repair Mercedes Sprinter driveshafts, eliminates the crimped in universal joints. Also Introducing parts for the Mercedes Actros shafts. All parts are listed for the repair of both propshaft and centre bearing shafts.

Scania Conversion Universal Joint
Conversion u/joint to upgrade your Scania shaft to a heavy duty 687.55 GWB series shaft.

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Mini Digital Protractor
Small in size but big on features, the mini digital protractor is ideal for when you are setting up driveline angles.

Torsional Vibration
Information on torsional vibration and it's consequences.

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Power Train Saver




SPL UJoints




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